The WSOP Domestic Bracelet Events Saw Over 1.5 Million Dollars Awarded in Prizes

 The WSOP Domestic Bracelet Events Saw Over 1.5 Million Dollars Awarded in Prizes will see enough action for July, spanning the domestic online constituent of the series. Three bracelets coupled with over and above 1.5 million dollars worth of prizes have been awarded so far. The 2021 WSOP bears a much more different look than the 2020 WSOP that underwent radical changes due to the pandemic. The much in-vogue live festivals and events were interspersed with online poker that gave it a virtual feel even before the pandemic. 2015 saw the awarding of the first online bracelet. The year was only the beginning of what would come up with an even greater amount of interest being showcased for the online events. This formed a very negligible portion of the schedules of WSOP before 2020, which was unprecedented. 

The live poker events had to shut their doors in 2020 due to the pandemic, which saw giants like GGPoker and stepping up their game. They entailed catering online for the deliverance of both domestic and international bracelet series. The fall will be witness to the returning of the live events in full swing. This is in addition to the number of live bracelets awarded in Vegas, which is the second-highest confirming how the WSOP schedule has online poker as its indispensable part. The virtual bracelets are to be handed out to the players both by GGPoker and The wrist jewelry to be handed out by each operator is 33 for this year. 

Summarizing the Results of the Domestic Bracelet Events of WSOP 

The first three bracelets have been awarded so far at the domestic online events that are ongoing, which so far has seen 3265 entries, and the collection from the games has been 1,562,670 dollars. The total buy-ins include 1600 dollars, while the total prizes for the buy-ins amount to 976.67 dollars. 

Detailing the Series

The average prize pool from the completion of the three events has been over 520,000 dollars. The figure was capped with the first two sets of games while the third game raked slightly compared to 950 entries collected 427,500 dollars. The average figures have been a little below 1,000 dollars as prizes from buy-ins for every dollar owing to the rakes being counted in.

Prize Pools for WSOP Domestic Bracelet Events

New Jersey and Nevada players still have their chances to win big, with 30 more bracelets yet to be awarded. The domestic bracelets do not mandate the players to be residents of the states under consideration and even from the U.S. However, a valid account and physical presence in New Jersey or Nevada ensure one can take part in the ongoing series for domestic bracelets.

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