Duelbits Review 2023: An Ultimate Duelbits Casino Guide!

Online casino games have become a worldwide phenomenon. These online casino games are well-known for their strategies, returns, and durability, among other things.

About Duelbits

Duelbits is a gaming casino that offers provably fair gaming and the best odds on 50+ sports. It deposits funds through multiple mediums such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Visa, Ethereum, etc. Duelbits is recommended because it offers higher returns and great discounts.

Duelbits is a cryptocurrency-powered online casino. While other casinos try to offer a plethora of unnecessary discounts and promotions, Duelbits strives to be subtle and straightforward. It has a variety of games to satisfy players who invest their hard-earned money. 

Duelbits Platform Interface

The casino offers a wide range of games, including Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. It also offers a variety of exciting and entertaining live games. Games like Blackjack and Slots have numerous alternatives, but Duelbits’ offer is praiseworthy. 

Features of Duelbits

Duelbits is to navigate because of its clean, impressive, and elegant design. Craps and roulette are among the games available, as are crypto sports betting options. It also gives you access to all necessary features, such as a fair system, customer service, and platform bonuses.

The interface design is modern, with a simple layout that keeps users engaged and entertained for a long time. The website also allows players to view previous winnings and offers the gaming community the most transparent services and privileges.

Duelbits Originals

Duelbits Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It provides many esports betting games. It has limited returns all over e-betting games.
It provides flexibility in timing. Not every country allows Duelbits.
It provides higher returns and discounts. Higher returns are not constant.
It provides anonymity. The account creation process is lengthy.
It provides a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus is not always specific if signing up goes wrong.
One can make deposits any time of the day. Deposits might take time because of too many accounts lined up.
Premium members received VIP rewards. Some think VIP rewards are prejudiced.
A player can refer friends or family and earn a cashback. One can only have 10% of cashback, which is nothing for online betting.

Duelbits Registration Process

  1. A player has to go to the site and click on the “register” button in the top right corner. 
  2. They need to provide all the necessary details to complete the sign-up process. 
  3. They will also get a referral code, which is a big bonus. 
  4. Next, they must complete the registration process with all the required verification.
  5. After that, they must meet the deposit limit for the bonus.
  6. At last, they join the VIP Rewards Program for more bonuses.

The process is straightforward compared to other online sites and only consists of a few-step authentication.

Duelbits Registration Process

Casino Games Offered by Duelbits


Slots is a game in which a player must first sign up and bet for free for the first time. However, if they play it again, it will charge them a small fee. The name ‘slot’ implies that one must choose from various slots to bet on one. They might win the game if they are lucky, but they might also lose. However, losing the game does not imply that they have lost the entire amount. The motto is “bet more, lose less.”

Duelbits Casino Slots

Live Games

The name implies that people play live, and bets are made live. There are numerous live games in a variety of genres. The dealers deal live from the casino, and the experience is almost as thrilling as that in a brick-and-mortar casino.


Blackjack is a high-strategy game, also known as twenty-one. A person with strong mathematical knowledge will easily win this game. Mathematics becomes a part of every strategy because bets are placed on numbers, and someone with strong numerical skills is less likely to lose.

Blackjack has been popular since World War I. The game was invented in an American casino. The dealer is responsible for shuffling and dealing the cards and handling all bets according to the rules. When it comes to home games, all players have the opportunity to be the dealer, which is the changing bank. 

Duelbits Blackjack Games

Each player must try to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 without crossing 21. It takes a mathematically sound person to do all the calculations and win the game. Numerous strategies come into play in a game of Blackjack.


Every game is risky for dice because no one knows which number will show up. Getting a number a player desires is highly improbable for Bitcoin dice. A player will be able to roll the dice they want with the right strategy, and their returns will be higher than those who did not roll the dice with a strategy. With a transparent blockchain structure, Dice is most likely fair. 

The player can audit each roll of the dice. The player places a bet on a number between 1 and 100, and one needs to see if their position is rolled over or under. The rules are straightforward. The odds of winning vary greatly depending on where a player places their bet. If a bet is placed near the number 50, the chances of winning are high, but the amount is small. Similarly, if a player bets near the number 5, the chances of winning are lower, but it will almost certainly attract cryptocurrency.

Dice Games by Duelbits

There are three primary strategies to play Dice:- 

The First One Is Martingale, Which Is the Simplest One 

It depicts a scenario in which a player doubles the bet after each loss. The reason for doubling down after each loss is straightforward. If a player wins their next bet, they will recoup their losses and make a profit on top of that. For example, suppose a player has placed a bet on the number 20. Placing a bet there means you have a 20% chance of winning, and the dice must land below the number. If the dice are rolled and land on 35, a player has suffered their first defeat.

They now have two options: place another bet without using any strategy, or use the Martingale strategy by doubling the bet at a number with odds and a payout that will recoup the loss and pay in the green if they win. The Martingale is a risky strategy with few safeguards to protect the player’s bankroll.

The Next Strategy Is D’Alembert. It Encourages Players to Increase the Bet After a Loss and Reduce Bet Size After Winning 

It differs from Martingale in that the bet is only increased by 1x. On the other hand, D’Alembert seeks to eliminate some risk to the bankroll while leaving enough exposure on the table to return to the winner’s circle. Profit is the primary focus of this strategy, and it is not the right move for a player whose goal is to win at all costs.

The Last Strategy Is Paroli. The Above Strategies Will Boost the Player’s Profit

The Paroli dice strategy is a set of tools that capitalises on winning streaks when they appear. For instance, suppose a player bets 5 coins at once and loses the first bet. In the next bet, a player bets 5 coins again, and this time he wins. 

A player doubles and bets 10 coins in the third bet, but they are up for 10 coins if they win. This system is divided into three-bet sets and has eight outcomes in total. There is no perfect strategy for winning, but a few can easily cover the losses.


Crash gambling is a simple game in which a line rises and multiplies your bet until it crashes. During this time, one can cash out whenever they want, even automatically. Players can keep their winnings if they cash out before the random crash; otherwise, they lose their entire bet until the next round. 

Crash is not the most straightforward casino game to master. It is also because the game is new, and not all gamblers are familiar with it. Crash games are not yet available from game studios such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Duelbits Casino Crash Games

Crash was developed when blockchain casinos offered few gambling options, most of which were simple dice games. It was an instant hit with cryptocurrency gamblers. It is mainly restricted to blockchain casinos and can only be played with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some Crash games are more advanced and have higher-quality graphics.


The game is one of the most popular offline and online gambling games. The outcome is entirely determined by the color and the number on which the magic ball lands. Duelbits has a simple interface that makes it easier for players to understand the specific game. Duelbits roulette features a strip of varying numbers and colors with a central point representing the magic ball.

After the players have chosen their numbers and colors, the strip runs and lands randomly on a specific number and color that is either their chosen number or not. Duelbits does provide offers and cashback on prescribed moves or after playing for a specific amount of time in the game, but it is a game purely based on luck. It heightens the thrill of the game and makes it more exciting for the players.

Dice Duels 

Duelbits’ Dice Duel is a simple game played in real-time by rolling dice and has been adapted for betting. The color of the dice and the pip numbers on the top side of the dice determine the game’s outcome after they are rolled on the table. The game draw happens every three minutes and lasts about two minutes. 

Dice Duels by Duelbits

Players have 22 seconds to place their bet in the Dice Duels. They can wager on the numbers, odd/even, or which Dice will come up first. After placing the bets, the live dealer uses a dice shaker to roll the dice. The results are on the screen, and players come to know if they have won or not.

Betting on a tie increases your chances of winning in a Dice Duel because the RTP for a tie is 95%. Betting on the outcome of a single die rather than a combination produces better results. The odd/even bet, which has an RTP of 95%, is another good bet.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel is a “real-time, dice-rolling starship combat game for teams!” – it puts two spaceships in a frantic battle. Players are divided into two teams, each acting as a ship’s crew and winning or losing as a group based on their performance. The game is over when one side destroys the other by inflicting four points of damage on them with torpedoes or mines.

Sports Games by Duelbits

Duelbits has gambling games and a large selection of sports betting games for users who enjoy betting on sports. Bet on horses or boxing matches; Duelbits has everything!

Sports Games by Duelbits

Duelbits Bonuses & Promotions

The more time and mind you apply to the games of the DuelBits platform, the more eligible you are to earn different bonuses and promotional vouchers. The vouchers can be redeemed, or they can also have significant discounts on coins or numbers of plays. 

Duelbits Bonuses & Promotions

Duelbits Affiliate Program

The platform not only takes off your playing experience but also rewards you with your valuable referrals. Any user can log in and join the Duelbits affiliate program. You can market the platform, and any conversions from your marketing or referrals will benefit you with specific commissions.

Ace’s VIP Lounge by Duelbits

Duelbits has launched the VIP Lounge, where one can enjoy the many benefits of being a VIP. After careful market research, the program was created, focusing on giving players the most bang for their buck. Throughout their Duelbits journey, players quickly progress through Ace’s Elite Statuses, from Joker to Ace – one of his own.

Ace's VIP Lounge by Duelbits

Duelbits Banking Options

It offers an option to link bank accounts for better and faster money transfers and hassle-free transactions.


It is easy to deposit the money players plan to gamble, log in to their account, and transfer it from their linked bank or crypto wallet.


It allows for a quick withdrawal of funds, a key feature of such a gaming platform. Duelbits allow for the simple transfer of funds while retaining all relevant rules.

Supported Currencies

It accepts all types of currency but primarily cryptocurrency; it is a versatile platform that provides an excellent user experience.

Duelbits Wagering Requirements

Every wager should follow a specific set of rules, and all players should follow the requirements of a wager. Users agree that they will not deposit or wager on any accounts they have requested self-exclusion. Any future bets, Reward funds, or promotion entries will be forfeited, with no refund of stakes or payment of winnings.

Suppose Duelbits has suspicions, or further investigation reveals that users have actively attempted to conceal the source of their account or accounts. In that case, the company reserves the right to cancel or void any users’ wagers and take other appropriate action. 

Duelbits Country Restrictions 

Individuals residing in the following countries cannot access Duelbits: Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Curacao, Denmark, France, Malta, the Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States. It includes all territories of these nations. Residents of these territories are not permitted to open an account, use, or access the company’s gaming services or any other service.

Duelbits Customer Support

Players who require assistance or have inquiries or questions can contact Duelbits’ live support. It has a robust and hands-on customer support and feedback team to help every user with any possible problem.

Duelbits Customer Support

Duelbits Security & Privacy

Duelbits.com regards privacy and security as critical functions of the company. Earning and maintaining their customers’ trust is of top priority. It adheres to the strictest privacy and security standards. It encourages players to report security issues they are unaware of. However, gamblers should follow the terms and conditions of Duelbits, to play without interruption.

Duelbits Review: Bottom Line

The final word regarding Duelbits and the gambling games is that they are fun, adventurous, and thrilling. However, the user should understand the risks attached to such games. Duelbits is a fantastic platform if you are into online gambling but exercise caution.


Duelbits is a new CSGO betting website that claims to be licensed by Curaçao. There are about 1000 games to choose from, and withdrawals appear legal. Duelbits is a licensed casino with a provably fair system that allows one to verify the fairness of every result transparently.

Duelbits processes all transactions in real-time and does not penalize players for withdrawing large sums of money. We can unequivocally state that Duelbits is both legal and safe to use. The company would not have gone to such lengths to diversify its gaming offerings if it did not take things seriously.

Duelbits is a safe place to play because it has all the necessary licenses and works with hundreds of thousands of users to make its gaming experience enjoyable. Cash deposits and withdrawals are secure and straightforward.

Duelbits is operated by Liquid Gaming N.V. (153298), which has its registered office in Willemstad, Curacao, at Abraham de Veerstraat 9.

It is a big YES! It is as simple as playing any specific gambling game and just playing the game online with digital money. If you win, you earn money, and if you lose, you spend money.

Duelbits is a new cryptocurrency, and the CSGO gaming website is fully optimized for mobile access. Any mobile browser with Duelbits can access the lobby, and chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers support the web app.