Tallinn Summer Showdown Main Event: Kristian Zitting Wins €56,500

 Tallinn Summer Showdown Main Event: Kristian Zitting Wins €56,500

As the effects of the pandemic wore down, poker made a grand comeback in Northern Europe. After a whole year, the region conducted a massive event, namely the Tallinn Summer Showdown 2021. The week-long event took place at the Hilton Tallinn Park and the Olympic Park Casino.

Jason Glatzer, PokerNews’ Executive, covered the €1,100 Main Event with multiple renowned stars. Kristian Zitting from Finland ended up winning the event to score a whopping 56,500 Euros. The win became Kristian’s biggest career win in a live tournament.

Kristian performed well in the previous tournament just before the coronavirus restricted operations. The player-controlled the final table before dropping out at the fifth spot to earn 31,200 Euros. Kristian did not dominate the 1,111 Euros Main Event but managed to sail through after beating Thomas Jakobsen from Norway.

While many players could not enter the tournament due to health issues, the event proved to be the most successful one in history. It attracted 286 players and generated a 271,700 Euros prize pool. Comparatively, the prize pool was almost double the 153,045 Euros worth of pool in the previous Main Event. Niall Farrell from Scotland won that competition to score 32,125 Euros.

Tallinn Summer Showdown €1,100 Main Event 2021 Final Table

There were 24 players in contention on the final day after a 14-hour marathon. At the 15th spot, Urmo Velvelt won 3,600 Euros while Mark Metsla won 2,800 Euros for the 18th spot. Similarly, Paul Michaelis won 2,300 Euros for the 21st place while Johan Karlsson won 2,300 Euros for the 22nd spot.

The final table went on for eight hours, starting with Madis Ormisson’s departure at 10th spot for 4,450 Euros. Simon Persson went out at ninth spot for 5,300 Euros after his suited 9-7 lost to Nilkas Warlich’s A-6.

Matthias De Meulder secured the eighth spot for 6,800 Euros while Jussi Mattila lost with A-9 for the seventh place and 9,500 Euros. 

Jussi was followed by two fellow Finnish players, Pyyssing (fifth-15,750 Euros) and Anne Bezdek (sixth-12,250 Euros.)

After Warlich went out at fourth place for 23,100 Euros, Celine Zimmermann quickly took the lead among the final three. However, Kristian managed to outplay the competition and won the event with 56,500 Euros winning prize.

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