Phil Ivey and Stephen Chidwick Come Face-to-Face in the Final 8 Match

 Phil Ivey and Stephen Chidwick Come Face-to-Face in the Final 8 Match

The ongoing World Poker Tour Heads Up Poker Championship lives up to its hype as around 32 players from different backgrounds mix of high-stake gamers are taking part.

Monday, 21st June, features both quarterfinals and semifinals.  The final battle will take place on June 22. On Monday, winners played for the min-cash of $100,000. The last two players played for $200,000 grand payday, and on Tuesday, winners will take back a top prize of $400,000.

The live-action will take place at the online version of Poker King. It will be a prominent heads-up match of the year at World Poker Tour YouTube and Twitch channels.

Patrik Antonius takes on Doug Polk

Doug Polk, after beating Ton Dwan, played in a second heads-up and high-profile match. He later faced a strong component Patrik Antonious in Round 2.

However, Polk was short of winning against Dwan after being defeated back-to-back three matches in the opening round of the game.

Both players flopped on six-six four board with Polk holding strong kicker during kin-six played against Antonius’ jack-six.

As the match progressed to the second round, Antonius had gained some traction with a 3:1 chip advantage when Polk called a shove with ace-eight against the nine-eight suits of his opponent.

Phil Ivey winning over Anthony Zinno

Phil Ivey has demonstrated that he is the master in the game after defeating Manig Loeser and Anthony Zinno in their respective rounds.

The first round of matches between Ivey and Zinno was slightly longer as blinds continued to increase until the average stack was five big blinds. Ivey won the first match after Zinno bricked the board to win. Zinno flopped two pair with ace-five suited in the second match, while Ivey flopped a flush draw with king-ten suited in the quick-paced second game.

Stephen Chidwick swept over Daren Elias

Stephen Chidwick has to lose the single game after winning against Andrew Lichtenberger in the opening round of the game. The first match with Elias was a straight win. Elias took a 3:1 chip advantage in the second match, but Chidwick took over the game strategically. After winning Elias, Chidwick headed to the quarterfinals having a clean slate win after his queen-five was held against nine-seven.

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