Online Casino Gaming Set to be Introduced in Indiana

 Online Casino Gaming Set to be Introduced in Indiana

The concept of internet gaming has become socially acceptable nowadays across many states in the US, and it now seems that the state of Indiana is ready to jump in. The state is seriously considering legalizing iGaming, and this decision comes in the wake of the expanded gaming law introduced in 2019. There are regular casinos in Indiana, and online sports betting is already popular here.

So, the next logical step would be to play the slot machine online as it will provide a dependable source of revenue for the states. The Indiana State Budget Agency has already indicated that their allocated funds have ended in June, resulting in at least USD 1.3 billion off projections. However, one may wonder what led to this significant shortfall? One of the obvious reasons is that the state had to close all the casinos for three months due to the global pandemic. The casinos contributed just USD 90.4 million to the state, which was almost 30% short of what the state had projected.

It would be foolish to believe that financial considerations are the main driving force behind Indiana’s decision to consider online gaming. There are other reasons too. The neighboring state of Michigan has also launched iGaming in the state. Online slot machines are the way to go as states have realized that the younger crowd is not preferring traditional casino machines. Indiana might look for a different approach to introduce iGaming in the state. It is highly likely that they will add slots and table games first and online poker much later.

It is a crucial decision for the state as even during the Coronavirus crisis, the state was one of the top sports betting regions in the country, followed by Nevada and New Jersey. The market was always there for iGaming. The growth of iGaming has been a bit slow in some states like Delaware and New Jersey, but it has scope for expansion, and Indian must encash on it to add revenue to the state coffer.

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