Missouri Citizens Concerned About Slot Machine Expansion

 Missouri Citizens Concerned About Slot Machine Expansion

Approximately 300 residents have urged Missouri gaming authorities to look into the state’s recent influx of potentially illicit slot machines. The Missouri Gaming Commission’s general counsel said in a report to the Missouri Lottery Commission that the agency’s hot-line has received 280 reports by the citizens related to the machines, which could be leeching money away from the gambling industry of the state, including state lottery and thirteen licensed casinos.

The games, which may be found in bars and gas stations, work like casino slot machines where the player deposits money in exchange for the possibility to win or lose money through betting. Since the games are unlicensed, there are no customer safeguards in place to protect against poor rewards, no funds allocated to public education, and no services accessible to help gamblers who have developed an addiction.

The gaming commission initiated its own inquiry into the allegedly unlawful devices, while the Missouri State Highway Patrol was alerted to other concerns.

The report emphasized the Legislature’s inability to agree on a means to get rid of the slot machines from truck stops,  gas stations, liquor shops, and related businesses, despite the fact that politically linked corporations like Torch Electronics have been spreading them around the state.

A proposal to make the games lawful and tax them has been introduced in both the senate and the house. Businesses found using illicit machines would be banned from competing in the regulated scheme, according to the proposal. The companies would also be unable to offer lottery licenses.

Torch Electronics, on the other hand, is filing a lawsuit for harassment in connection with the highway patrol’s efforts to impose restrictions on the devices installed at Warrenton Oil’s fueling stations. Represented by Steve Tilley, Torch will not return to court before March. The American Gaming Association is also pressing the government for Justice.

The lobbying group for casinos submitted a letter with the Justice Department in November, requesting that illicit machine makers be prosecuted.

The AGA stated in their remark that uncontrolled machines must be contained.

They said that while regulated gaming machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure game integrity and fairness, there is no such oversight for these illegal or unregulated games. Nor do the machines comply with anti-money laundering or cybersecurity standards established by relevant governing bodies.

President Jessica Feil (AGA) added that, unfortunately, illegal and unregulated machines continue to skirt the law and put consumers at risk.

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