Highly Anticipated Hands of Victory to Conduct a Soft Launch

 Highly Anticipated Hands of Victory to Conduct a Soft Launch

The poker community has been eagerly awaiting Aftermath Interactive’s new online poker venture. The Swedish software platform Aftermath Interactive is going to present its introductory free entry game for digital poker enthusiasts called Hands of Victory. This new game has been in a developmental stage for years now and is finally available.

Sweden’s Aftermath Interactive, sharing details on the new game, says that the final product has a culmination of all the digital poker games in the ambitious e-sports ecosystem. It will be available in a community rooted multiplayer format for mobile devices. 

The brand-new launch will see the Hands of Victory game utilizing exceptional power cards that will shape poker e-sports in a revolutionary direction. 

The poker conceptualized online game is engineered on Aftermath Interactive’s in-house engine DealR. This will allow Hands of Victory to leverage a profitable model to present their players. The software developers’ main objective is to produce an innovative never before seen game for poker enthusiasts. 

The aim of Aftermath Interactive is to revolutionize online poker by rectifying the flaws and implementing past learnings on Hands of Victory’s interface. 

Representing a revolutionary gaming platform, Hands of Victory will add many individual creations. These novel additions will be integrated with a plethora of ways to make the introductory gaming experience tailored for real cash play. 

Poker enthusiasts can now download the game on Google Play Store or IOS. Players captured by the offerings of the new game by Aftermath Interactive can then further register on to the Hands of Victory official website. 

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