Gun Lake and Parx Interactive Have Been Approved for Michigan Online Sports Betting

 Gun Lake and Parx Interactive Have Been Approved for Michigan Online Sports Betting

Michigan has been trending in the news for all things good. The authorization of Michigan’s Pottawatomi Indian’s Gun Lake Band, along with Parx Interactive, the platform provider, has brought some cheer. The permission for launching online sports betting by the Gun Lake/Parx brand within the state has been granted by the Michigan Gaming Control Board or the MGCB. The 2nd of August saw the tribe based out of West Michigan launching their handle for online sports betting. While as per earlier reports, approval for launching internet casino gaming was previously received by the West Michigan-based tribe as of 23rd of April. 

The Michigan Gaming Control Board’s Executive Director, Henry Williams, corroborated on the proceedings. He commented regarding the full authorization of the Gun Lake Casino coupled with the fourteen operational Michigan operators, which speaks enough about the offerings on plate. The list includes offering online sports betting to internet casino gaming by the platform providers to the patrons. 

The revenue payments associated with the same have been planned for funding multiple arenas. This includes providing monetary support for the arenas of responsible gaming, K-12 education, and the presumed coverage fund for the first responder. At the same time, economic development has also been included in the list where the funding is slated to support the economy’s growth through the creation of wealth for the entire community. A move that comes as a welcome breather in acting as a boost for several arenas. 

The Michigan Gaming Control Board’s data gives a peek into the revenue figures of Michigan. June saw the online sportsbooks of Michigan accepting wagers to the tune of $235.1 million. This is a notch below up to 1 percent than the May proceeds, which were $237.6 million. The online sportsbooks saw an increase in the gross gaming revenue to the tune of 28.2 percent. This amounted to $24.9 million, a hike from the past month’s revenue to the tune of $19.5 million.

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