Casino Firms in the Gulf Coast Have Their Guard Up

 Casino Firms in the Gulf Coast Have Their Guard Up

The catastrophic hurricane will see major consequences if the forecasted landfall will hit Casino establishments in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. To safeguard themselves from the forces of this whirlwind, Casino firms in the Gulf Coast plan for the period of hurricanes. The two casino home base states witnessed unfortunate events last year with hurricane Delta and Laura. 

Weather forecasts indicate that the hurricane period for the Gulf Coast territories will be witnessed from June 1st, 2021, to November 30th, 2021. Both the US states of Louisiana and Mississippi provide lucrative offerings to gambling aficionados with a host of Casino establishments. The state of Mississippi hosts 26 profitable casinos. Out of these, 20 are located in the red alert area near the costs. On the other hand, the state of Louisiana entertains gaming enthusiasts with 13 riverboat casino firms. 

As the storm slowly comes to shore, Casino establishments in these states will be given a heads up to close or to be functional for patrons. The action plan will also safeguard the revenues generated from the Casino establishments and guard the territories so that major damages do not occur. The authoritative Commission bodies for Gaming activities in the State of Mississippi will examine the implied landfall of the storm as their mandate. 

The overheating of the water bodies of the Atlantic ocean has resulted in these foreseeable ruthless weather predictions. Cited by major weather forecasters, five extreme storms are predicted for 2021 that will cause major destruction to the Coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana. 

This will be the seventh consecutive year in which the States has been prone to hurricanes originating from the Atlantic Ocean. Last year saw major losses for the state of Louisiana as they witnessed five catastrophic storms. These environmental disasters led to major economic losses of the casino establishments based out of both Louisiana and Mississippi combined with the COVID-19 initiated shutdowns.

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