Canada Day Reopening Set to Witness Treasure Cove Casino Getting All Pumped-Up

 Canada Day Reopening Set to Witness Treasure Cove Casino Getting All Pumped-Up

Casinos are set to open up with the moving of the province onto Step 3 of the 4 Step Restart Plan of BC come this Thursday. However, there are restrictions in place. The list of restrictions for the total capacity of the venue to be allowed is restricted to 50 percent while the limitation for gaming stations to be permitted to open up is also 50 percent. The marketing manager of Treasure Cove, Amanda Chandler, quipped the excitement of the staff on returning to work while the preparations for Thursday’s reopening at 9 am are going on in full swing. The jobs have been offered back to the staff members of Treasure Cove. The list includes those who had been working before the pandemic hit, and a whopping 80 percent have shown job acceptance.

There are uncertainties related to operations even though the staff is prepared to head to work, as corroborated by Chandler. Waiting for the directive by the BCLC and the government has got hectic to the tune where the same has been a day-by-day to an hour-by-hour call relating to what is up on the radar, as stated by Chandler. A slew of adjustments has been incorporated for the casino as per the information received by the BCLC and the government. These include spacing out the gaming floor at a distance from the facility to lining up plexiglass partitions across the slot machines and tables. The customers will be separated from the staff through the plexiglasses installed as quoted by Chandler. The pandemic has changed the entire get-up of the facility, and the opening up slots and the table games are slated to start immediately.

The 5th of July will see Bingo returning with slots running from 9 am till 2 am. The total number of games has been reduced. Fast Action Poker and Blackjack, the table games, have been given the slot from 1:00 pm till 1:00 am. A few measures have been updated by the BCLC, which is stated in the Casino and Community Gaming Centre Enhanced Health & Safety Measures Report. The measures include mandatory masking up for both players and staff. An additional spacing of two meters is necessitated for gambling equipment and new training for the casino staff, as per the report. Community poker is not up on offer post reopening as stated by BCLC. However, a few casinos might make poker variant games available like the Texas Hold’em. Chandler mentioned plenty of visitors are expected this weekend as per the massive social media response. 

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